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The Machinist's Choice for precision straight shank collet chucks for over 25 years





Craftsman Industries, Inc.'s toolholders are made with pride in the U.S.A.The Machinist's Choice for precision straight shank collet chucks for over 25 years

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Craftsman Industries, Inc.'s "STUBBY" collet chucks are an industry innovation



As one of the top manufacturers of precision machine tool accessories in the U.S., Craftsman Industries, Inc. invites you to explore a full range of double angle and ER collet holders available for your machining needs.  

What a Sweet Piece of Tooling!

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Newest Products

Double-Ended Collet Chucks 

for Swiss-Style Screw Machines

Dual Collet System Increases Flexibility & Efficiency

Available in 1" or 3/4" shank diameters. 

For ER11, ER16, & ER20 Collets.


Recent Product Additions

  • ER11 Extra Long Extensions: 8", 9" & 10" OAL

  • Extra-long chucks in 12", 14", & 16" OAL for greater efficiency on those really hard-to-reach areas. 

ER Extension Details; DA Extension Details 


"STUBBY" ER20 Collet Chucks are now available with 5/8" and 3/4" shank diameters.  ER "STUBBY" Details & Dimensions



[ER20 with 5/8" shank shown]



Choose the collet chucks 

that will help you:  

Reduce machine set-up time

Increase efficiency

Lower overall costs  


To find collet chucks designed for your machine operations, select your machine type:

---CNC Mill

---CNC Lathe

---Screw Machine  (Automatic or Swiss-type)

---Chucker (manual or CNC)


Or view by product type:

Double Angle Collet Chucks
ER Collet Chucks
End Mill Holders 
Double Angle Collets
ER Spring Collets


All chucks made with pride in the U.S.A.


Ready to order precision machine tool accessories?  Please contact your regular tooling supplier, or contact us to find a distributor in your area or to become a distributor for Craftsman Industries, Inc.


Need collet chucks for use on your Hardinge-type Chuckers?  See below:

Our newest double angle straight shank "STUBBY" collet chuck

TS300-0625: This double angle "STUBBY" tool holder utilizes a DA300 collet, but with a 5/8" shank diameter, perfect for Hardinge Chuckers.   View tooling for Chuckers for more specs and info on other compatible tool holders.  


Product Spotlight

Tool Holders for Automatic Screw Machines

Craftsman Industries, Inc. offers 19 collet chucks that are ideal for use on Screw Machines.  All "STUBBY" collet chucks (ER and double angle) are designed to work with your Automatic Screw Machine. 

The shorter length shank on the "STUBBY" series is designed to fit easily onto screw machines.  The lock nut length on the Double Angle "STUBBY" chuck has also been shortened.  

For more information on chucks designed for your Screw Machining needs, please visit the Screw Machine page.


Our ER32 "STUBBY" collet chucks are becoming a machine shop staple and it's no surprise:  This holder features 1.50" shank dia., 6.20" overall length, and chuck capacity .039-.787.  Like Craftsman Industries' other STUBBYs, this collet holder is great for screw machines, chuckers (manual or CNC), and CNC lathes.  For more specs and to view other ER collet chucks, visit the ER Collet Chuck  page.

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